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The Signature Collection of  "go-to's to help you get things done!" in collaboration with Rachel Kline Creative



Through Him, I'm Bold

Through Him, I'm Fearless

Through Him, I Can Do Anything

Inside The  Collection

smell it

the aroma to get “in the zone” | shop now +

wear it

feel empowered wearing hope | shop now +

taste it

kick off your day being kind to yourself | shop now +


To remind you: 

“I can do all things through Him who gives me strength”
~ Phil 4:13


with an “instagram trends guide" pdf+audio combo by team member: susan mar | shop now +

Edit IT

with “rkl lr presets” by team member: bethany BALLANTYNE | shop now +


with a “website audit checklist” pdf guide by team member: rachel kline | shop now +

Tangible Reminders of hope

The collection includes tangible reminders that when you put your hope in the one above, He will make incredible things happen.

From aroma that sets the mood, to warm drinks with words reminding you of who He made you to be, to jewelry pieces that make you feel empowered… and digital guides, and LR presets that will make your work life easier— may these words remind you:

Whatever you need to get done, you don't have to do it alone. Get it done, in hope.

Gift It


To yourself, or to somebody else? We've got it all. From double bundles to triple ones, expect to find the combination that is just right for you. 


Jewelry set, double PDF guides, package of LR presets, and a perfect combo for the senses… 



“Rejoice in the hope of experiencing God's glory right now and He will make incredible things happen in your life”

~Joyce meyer

Who We   Are

business pals + sisters in christ

But really, we are more than that.

We are Susan, Rachel and Bethany (right to left). Three women coming each from wildly different backgrounds—some of us are moms, some of us won't even dare to take care or a pet; some of us can't have enough of  The Bachelor (& The Bachelorette!).

We bond through our love for coffee, and our ups & downs—we might be unlike each other but two things are the same: we need to get things done, and we want hope. For you. For us.


In it with you,

Susan in collaboration with RKC

“I am bold, I am fearless, I can do anything in His name"